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Recording + Mixing
As an audio engineer, I have been fortunate to work in a number of great recording studios and with exceptional artists. As a musician and producer, I offer a unique perspecive  on the creation proccess. In my practice, I specialize in mixing records within a hybrid analog/digital formation.

Artists I have been fortunate enough to record or mix include:

Robyn, Porches, Standing on the Corner, Arca, Ian Isiah, Kindness, Body Meat, Hood by Air (Anonymous), Sampha,  Jitwam, Future Brown, Hawa, Lion Babe, Lafawndah, Lapsley, Medhane, Navy Blue, Tatiana Hazel, Caleb Giles, Khalil, Nathan Bajar + Wildkatz among others...

Recent credits include, but not limited to...

Nathan Bajar - Anniversary (Engineer)

Navy Blue - Ada Irin (Mix Assistant)

Podcasts + Live Broadcast
For several years I have worked as an engineer for podcasts and various narrative-based audio applications. A majority of my experience in this field has been through my time  with Red Bull Music Acadamy Radio. The material was varied, covering all realms of the music, fine art, and cultural worlds, both past and modern. The format was always changing;  often shifting between dialogue-based podcasts, round table discussions as well as DJ and narrative radio shows. Often I was asked to record and broadcast live lectures as well as concert events on our server from remote locations and venues  throughout the US. I worked with a small team of engineers, producers and journalists producing  a high number of daily, weekly and monthly shows at an extremely high level of quality.

Through this experience I was asked to record and mix audio tours at the MoMA, with members from the Noguchi Museum, as well as audio that accompanied exhibitions for Red Bull Arts NY.

Samples of my work can be found below.

Robyn - Couch Wisdom Podcast for Red Bull Music Academy
(Recorded + Broadcast Live, Ediited + Mixed in Post)

Federation Sound with Max Glazer ft. special guest Busy Signal
(Recorded + Broadcast Live, Mixed in Post)

Hype Williams live lecturefor Red Bull Music Academy
(Recorded + Broadcast Live)
BRUH with Awful Records featuring Thudercat  | Red Bull Radio
(Editied + Mixed)

Accross 135th St - RAMMΣLLZΣΣ Racing for Thunder Special
(Contributed Recording + Editing)
Federation Sound with Max Glazer ft. special guest  Walshy Fire
(Recorded, Edited + Mixed)

Peak Time w/ Vivian Host | Red Bull Radio
(Editied +  Mixed)